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Billing Management

Billing Management available only for admin-type users.

This feature can assist you with automated ArboStar purchases.

To access it, simply click on the profile name and select Billing Management.

Within the page, you can manage your payment methods, keep track of your transactions, and order new subscriptions or packages.

By clicking on the "Show more" button in the Transactions block, you can view all the transactions and payment methods used.

Order SMS subscription or package

All SMS from one-time packages and subscriptions are active only for the current month, and unused SMS from the previous month are not carried over.

To order SMS subscription or package, simply click the "New order" button.

We offer SMS packages as one-time purchases or as monthly subscriptions. For the subscription option, you have two choices:
on the 1st of the following month;
when you reach the SMS limit of 10 or lower.

The price and SMS amount are based on the client’s region.

If you need more SMS, you can purchase an extra one-time package manually, or you can set up automatic payments to order extra SMS once your balance reaches 10 or lower.

Updated on: 01/05/2023