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Authorize.NET: Fraud Detection Settings

To find in your personal account Fraud Filters you need to select "Fraud Detection Suite" in the menu.

The payment provider has several different filters:

"Daily Velocity Filter" (1) allows you to set the number of payments per day
"Hourly Velocity Filter" (2) setting the number of payments per hour
"Suspicious Transaction Filter" (3) is responsible for suspicious transactions
"Transaction IP Velocity Filter" (4) is responsible for the number of transactions made per hour from one IP address (computer), be it a manager with manual payments or a client.
"Enhanced AVS Handling Filter" (5) and "Enhanced CCV Handling Filter" (6) are responsible for checking the address, zip code (postal code), as well as checking the CCV code. They are tuned for multiplayer action.
"Amount Filter" (7) allows you to limit the amount of payment.

The most important for the correct operation of the ArboStar are filters 1-4 and 7.

All filters have the same setting where you can enable or disable the filter, set the response threshold, as well as the action if the threshold is exceeded.

The notification about the triggering of a particular filter can be configured in the window with the list of filters by going to the menu on the right “Email Notification”

Here you can specify the email of the recipient of the notification about the filter activation, and enable or disable notifications.

Updated on: 01/09/2021