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Adding new team on the Crew Schedule

On the Crew Schedule page, to start building the crew, click on the Plus button. The creation process consists of three steps.

Step 1. Allows you to set the date of operation for the crew, choose a crew type, assign a team leader and select a color for the crew.

Step 2. Here you can add free fieldworkers to the crew.

Step 3. To finalize the creation process, please select tools and equipment that crew might need for the job.

You can edit the crew details to meet your requirements at any point of creating a crew schedule.

To edit a crew, click on the Crew Type field that is on top of the crew.

The newly-appeared pop-up window consists of four sections.

In the 1st section you can edit crew details, change the crew type or the crew leader, edit the crew color, add or remove crew members, equipment or tools.

Note that the role of a leader can be assigned only to a member that has previously been added to the crew and you can see in the Members section in the bottom of the window. If the user is not yet part of the crew, add the user from the Members section that is the right side and then choose as the crew leader from the Leader drop-down list.

To add a new crew member, equipment or tool to the crew, click on the required one from the Members/Equipment/Tools section that is in the right side.
To remove a crew member, equipment or tool from the crew, click on the X next to the required one.

You can also add new crew members and equipments from Free Members and Free Equipments in the top right corner by drag-and-dropping them to the crew.

In the 2nd section you can access the Workorder overview PDF, where you can download or print it.

Note that you can also access the workorder overview PDF by clicking on the Print icon under Team notes fields.

In the 3rd section you can optimize the route for the crew, helping to set the most cost-efficient route when multiple jobs are scheduled. Once you press the Optimize Route button the day tasks will be rescheduled automatically.

The routes can be viewed by pressing the Map button on a daily crew schedule.
To view the routes for a specific team, click on the blue Teams icon in the bottom.
From the side-bar menu tick the boxes next to the required team leader(s) to access their scheduled jobs.
If you click on the Route button next to the team lead, the team’s route will be available on the map.

In the 4th section you can delete the crew by clicking on the Bin icon.

Under the Crew type field you can add notes for the team:
If you want to add a note that will be available both for the crew team members and office team, please use Team Note section.
If you want to add a note that will only be available to the office workers to view, please use Hidden Team Note section.

In case you need to copy the same crew to another date, click on the Copy icon under the notes section and pick the date from the calendar.

Note that if the job is going to take more than a day or you need to schedule multiple jobs for the same crew for a certain period of time, the timeline mode is perfect for you. To learn more about it, click here.

Updated on: 14/11/2023