Default crews help to automate estimation as when a crew is added to a service by default, the service’s crew gets automatically picked during estimation. For instance, if you pick Arborist Climber (CL0) and Bucket Truck Operator (BM1) for Pruning in “Estimates Services” module as default, they will always automatically be added in “Create an Estimate” as the default crew for “Pruning” service.

To create a default crew for a new service, please navigate to the “Estimates Services” sub-module in “Estimates” module.

To create a new service, please click on the “New Service” button in the top right corner of the screen.

If you want to add default crew(s), in the “Create Service” window please choose the crew or the crews that you would need to carry out the service.

You can also add crew(s) to already existing services. To add a default crew to an already existing service, please click on the “Pencil” icon. In the “Edit the Service” window, in the “Crew” section you can add a new crew(s) to the service, edit the existing crew(s) or delete the crew(s).

If a service contains a default crew, when creating/editing an estimate and choosing the service, the default crew will be automatically added to the “Select Crew” section in the service’s “Calculator”.

You can also manually edit the default crew, add another crew or delete the default crew in create/edit an estimate.

If a bundle contains a service that has a default crew, the default crew will also be automatically added to the “Select Crew” in the service’s “Calculator”.