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Adding and Managing Email Templates

Emails are commonly sent during the work routine. This workflow can be optimized by adding email templates for the scenarios you encounter regularly.

To add a template, expand the Clients section on the sidebar and click on Email Templates:, click on the "Plus" icon in the top right corner and compose the message in the pop-up window that appears:

In the “Template Subject” field please fill out the subject of the email.

If it is a news template, please tick the “News Template” box.

In the “Template Text” section you can fill out the text, add pictures and make it look the way you'd like.

To automatize the process of adding names/address/phone number/etc., type them in capital letters and put it in [...] and the recipient will get the email with those points autofilled with information that exists on the “Client Profile” page.
For example:

Dear [NAME],

This is in regard to the project at [ADDRESS].

The “Template Text” buttons help to make the email the exact way you want it to appear. With these buttons, you can choose the text style, format, alignment, add bullet points, or a table.

For more email automation, to quickly find and add required variables to the template click on the “[var]” button and choose the necessary one from the list of variables.

You can also add the Estimate/Invoice number to the email template.
To add the estimate/invoice number to the email template, add [ESTIMATE_NUMBER] or [INVOICE_NUMBER] in the “Template Subject” field to make it available in the email subject or add in the body to make it available in the email body.

After the email looks the way you want, please click on the “Save” button.

You can always edit and delete an existing template by clicking on the relevant icon in the list of templates:

Some of the pre-defined templates such as the "Confirmed Estimate", "Thank you message", etc. cannot be deleted as they are used by the system. They can only be edited by clicking on the "Pencil" icon.

To send a template email, see the instructions here: Sending a template email to a client.

Updated on: 27/01/2023