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Adding a New Client on the Web

There are 2 ways to access the Add client page on the web.

The fastest way to add a new client is from the dashboard, by clicking on the Add Client button right in your account:

Or, you can add a client by navigating to the Clients List section of Clients module and clicking on the Plus icon in the right corner.

Add Client page

In the new window you can insert all known details about the client and the project you are about to undertake.

All the green fields are the required fields, without having any information out there, you won’t be able to create a new client.

Let's take a closer look on what information is required here.

Client information

The first section consists of Profile, Client Address, Contact, Lead's Address sections and the Brand field.

In the Brand section please choose the brand.
In the Profile section, please fill in the name, choose the reference and the client type from the drop-down menus.
The Reference field will help you keep track of which source brought you the lead.

When typing the address in the Client Address section, the system will automatically suggest address options.

Please be precise as possible and always make sure to choose the address from the appeared options to ensure smoother logistics further on.

If the address contains a suburb name provided by Google it will be added to the client or job address.
For example: 110 Centre Street, Manhattan, New York, NY 10013.

In the Contact section, fill in the name, email address and phone number.
Note that the Name field is automatically filled out from the Client name field, so if you prefer to add another name, edit the Name Section.
If you would like to add more contact information, click on the Plus icon.
Leads Address will help you set an address for the lead, in case the client address and lead address are different.
Note that for the Email Address field, when the email address is verified, the field should turn green. If the field turns red, it means the email address is invalid. The field turning yellow means the email address is not verified, to re-verify click on the field.

Due to the improved algorithm, 1) when adding a client’s name, address, phone number or email, it automatically checks if there are any other clients with the same credentials. If there are contacts with similar information, in the bottom left corner 2) a red button appears 3) clicking on which you can check the clients with similar credentials.


In the Tag field fill out tags to make it easier to search them and filter the data points later.

Note that later you can add a new tag to the client on client's profile by filling it out in the Tag field. To delete an existing tag, click on the x sign.

Tags help to filter clients in the Clients List section along with other sections. When doing a tag search, the database will bring up all client profiles that have that tag associated with their profile.

#${color}[#106704]( Lead information)

Now go ahead and select the projects the client is ordering:

Clicking on the Services"/“Products”/“Bundles blocks, you will see all the service/product/bundle options for the lead. Select the ones that the lead requires to be done.
Information box is the text box where you can type in any details of this project, restrictions and requirements, etc., while in the Files section you can drop files necessary for the lead.
Next, define project's priority status (Regular/ Priority/ Emergency), urgency timelines (Right away/ Few weeks/ No rush) and the estimate size (Small/Medium/Big) according to your company's policies and client's request.
Based on client preferences, you can choose your estimator to call the client or not.

Final touch: Hit Add client to finalize the project creation or Create Estimate to start the estimation.

To learn how to create an estimate, click here.

The lead you've just created will be accessible for the estimators and will be handled in a regular queue. However, if you have the necessary authority in your team, you can go ahead and assign an estimator manually by clicking on the Schedule appointment at the buttom of the page.

To learn more about how to schedule an appointment, click here.

Updated on: 08/11/2023