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Adding a New Client on the Mobile App

To add a new client on the mobile app, please click on the "Plus" button in the top right corner of the screen and choose the "Client" option.

Make sure to fill out the fields that are marked with * as they are mandatory.

In the address section you have the option for to fill out the field manually as well as automatically.
To fill out the address manually, click on the arrow next to “Address” section which will open detailed address fields.

In the “Add. Information” you can fill out any additional information such as a street intersection, etc. that is not part of the address suggested by autofill. After you add the additional information, it will be available as part of the address in all sites where the client’s address is available.

Otherwise, if you click on the "Address" field autocomplete will be active, where when filling out the "Address" section you are suggested more precise addresses corresponding with the request.
And if you click on the "Use My Location" your actual GPS location is added into the address field.

All the existing clients are available in the "Clients" section that can be accessed from the side-bar menu.

Updated on: 01/02/2023