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Absent Days Management

As part of employee management, you can add and keep track of employee absent days.

Designed to automate the process of tracking and reporting employee absences, this is a powerful tool that enables you to manage employee attendance and absences with ease.

Absent Days Management from the "Crew Schedule" Module

Employees can be marked as absent on the Crew Schedule page from the “Free Members” window.
To access the “Free Members” window, click on the “Arrow” sign in the top right corner.
You are able to see how many free members you have at your disposal. The number changes in real-time once you assign new members to the crew.

To mark an employee as "Absent" choose their reason of absence from the "Select Reason" menu next to the user's name.
After that, they are moved to the "Absent Members" section.

Below you can see the list of absent members for the day. They cannot be added to any crew.
To remove a user from the "Absent Members" section click on the "X" next to the user's name.

Alternatively, to mark an employee as "absent" click on the "Plus" icon from the "Absent Members" section, in the pop-up window add day off details for a user and click "Save".

Note that from the "Crew Schedule"** page you need to set up the absent days for each day separately.

Absent Days Management from the "Absent Day Statistics" Module

You can also manage employee absent days from the "Absent Day Statistics” section of the "Business Management" module.

The module is built on a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily view employee absence data, such as the number of sick days taken, the reason for each absence, and the number of remaining vacation days.

Here you can find the statistics for the absent days of all the active users separated by absence reasons.

The report can be filtered based on time period.
To filter the statistics based on start and end date, please click on the “date” fields and choose the start and end dates and click “Go”.

In this section you can add new absent day(s) for employees.
To add, click on the “Plus” sign, in the pop-up window choose the user, the reason for absence and the date(s).
If you want to send SMS to a user to inform them of the added absent day(s), tick the "Send SMS" box.

The added absent days can also be edited.
To edit click on the required number and in the pop-up window make the required changes.

Absent Days Management from the “Office Schedule” Module

When support users are marked as “Absent” in the “Crew Schedule” or “Absent Day Stats” sections, they are automatically marked as absent for the whole day in the “Office Schedule” module.

The “Day Off” cannot be deleted or edited from the “Office Schedule” page.

Reasons of absence used on all of these pages can also be added or edited. Check out how here.

Updated on: 25/04/2023