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Absent Day Statistics

To access the “Absent Day Statistics” section, please navigate to the “Business Intelligence” → “Personnel ” → “Absent Day Statistics”.

Here you can find the statistics for the absent days.

It provides insights for why the employee has been absent: because of an illness, requested day off, no show, called in sick, suspension, one-week suspension for being constantly late, vacation, training, fired for doing side jobs, terminated, the total number of absent days as well as the day-offs given by the company.

To filter the statistics based on start and end date, please click on the “date” fields and choose the start and end dates and click “Go”.

To add a new day off, please click on the “plus” sign.

In the pop-up window, please choose the user, the reason for absence, and the date.

If you want to send SMS to the employee, please put a tick there.

Check out how to create new reasons of absence here.

Updated on: 23/07/2021