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Absent Day Statistics

In the “Absent Day Statistics” section you can see the information about employee day offs for the chosen time period.

In this section you can add and edit users' absent days.

To access the “Absent Day Statistics” section, navigate to “Business Intelligence” → “Personnel ” → “Absent Day Statistics”.

Here you can find the statistics for the absent days of all the active users separated by absence reasons.
The number under a reason of absence shows the amount of days the user has been given absent days for.
The "Total" column shows the total amount of absent days for the chosen time period for a user.

The report can be filtered based on time period.
To filter the statistics based on start and end date, please click on the “date” fields and choose the start and end dates and click “Go”.

In this section you can add new absent day(s).
To add, please click on the “Plus” sign, in the pop-up window choose the user, the reason for absence and the date(s).
If you want to send SMS to a user to inform them of the added absent day(s), tick the "Send SMS" box.

The added absent days can also be edited.
To edit click on the required number and in the pop-up window make the required changes.

You can add or edit the reasons of absence. Check out how here.

Absent days for office workers are available in the "Office Schedule" section, while absent days for crew workers are available in the "Crew Schedule" page.

Updated on: 28/02/2023